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Wondering what your choices are for mobile home roofing in Florida?

We’ll clue you in on all the details! If you own a mobile and manufactured home in Central Florida you know the importance of a good roof. However, with the ever-present threat of severe storms and the undeniable heat and humidity, Florida’s climate is definitely a challenge. Hurricanes, tropical storms and seemingly endless rain put Florida homeowners at risk for one of the most damaging combinations on earth: wind & water.  

Rig Mobile Home Roofing Options

Why Is Mobile Home Roofing Important? 

As your home’s first line of protection, your roof needs to provide superior protection from the elements. This is especially true if you own a mobile or modular home, particularly older models. Sometimes, repairs are not viable, therefore a replacement roofing system is required.

Can I Replace My Mobile Home Roof Myself?

Even if you consider yourself handy, replacing a mobile home roof is not a DIY project.That’s because every manufactured home is constructed differently. Hence, the job requires the skills of an expert roofer that can utilize a variety of roofing techniques during construction if needed.

Mobile Home Roofing Styles

Over the years, roofing styles on manufactured homes have changed. Prior to 1976, mobile homes were almost exclusively constructed with bowed or flat roofs. They often used materials such as sheet metal or an asphalt coating. After 1976, manufactured homes’ roofs began to be produced with more pitch. This was in attempt to make manufactured homes look more like traditional homes. They were built with trusses and allowed for shallow pitches, and made use of traditional roof covers like shingles or metal panels.

When replacing a roof, older manufactured homes are often given “roof over” solutions. During a roof over, the contractor builds a new layer of roofing over the existing roof. However, any damaged materials or leaks will be fixed prior to the installation of the new roofing layer. This is not an easy undertaking and should only be done by trained, professional roofing contractors.

Types of Mobile Home Roofing

Nowadays, because manufactured and mobile homes are often designed like traditional homes, many are given the same roofing options. With that being said, the perfect roof for your manufactured home should meet your aesthetic expectations and provide all of the utility functions as any other roof. 

Below are some of the best options for mobile home roofs in Florida:

  1. Shingles
    1. asphalt composite
    2. metal
    3. slate
  2. Metal Roofing Panels
    1. standing seam
    2. exposed fastener
  3. Single Ply Membranes:
    1. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
    2. PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
    3. TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

Of course, your roofing options will vary, depending upon roof pitch and other factors. To determine what types of roofing will work on your home, consult an expert contractor like those at RIGRoofing. 

Mobile Home Roofing in Central Florida 

RIG Roofing has been serving Florida since 2006 and we are dedicated to providing quality roofing service that is second to none! Florida residents in need of mobile home roof replacement can contact us today for a free, no obligation roofing assessment and estimate.