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For as long as there have been roofs, commercial property owners just like you have asked the same question: “Should I replace my roof or can I patch it instead?” It goes without saying, the cost to patch a roof is less than a complete replacement. A patch can fix one or two problem areas and provide a safe yet, temporary solution for a leaky roof in Lakeland and the surrounding Central Florida areas. However, a roof replacement will fix larger amounts of damage and is a long-term solution for a leaking roof. To help you decide which option is best for your situation, R.I.G. Construction and Roofing have put together some useful information.

Can I Patch It Instead Of Replacing Roof

Step 1: Professional Roof Inspection

Conducting a physical inspection of your commercial roof is the best way to evaluate its overall condition including damage and the remaining expected lifespan. Stop. Right. There. Please, do not go and grab a ladder and climb onto your roof. Especially when you suspect damage with the possibility of compromised decking underneath. First, you will need a trusted roofing contractor, like the experts at R.I.G. Roofing, who are trained to safely evaluate the conditions of your commercial roof. Once we have located the damage and documented any additional findings, our trained roofing professionals assess the remaining lifespan and any warranties that are associated with your roof.

Step 2: Decisions: Should I Replace My Roof Or Patch It Instead?

R.I.G. Roofing will present all of the findings from our roof inspection to help you weigh your options. Our goal is for you to be a well-informed decision-maker. Your business priorities matter, and so does the condition of your roof. We will talk to you about the compromised areas of your roof. If these areas can be isolated and there is no underlying structural damage, then you could patch it instead of replacing the entire roof. However, once major and/or structural damage is observed our roofing experts will be up-front and let you know when a roof replacement is most beneficial. Knowledge, trust, and experience are what we use at R.I.G. Construction and Roofing to keep your property in tip-top shape.

Step 3: Considerations

Remember, a roof replacement or patching will only fix your roofing system. If your property has experienced moisture intrusion from the initial leak it can seep down through your attic, insulation, ceiling, and walls. If these areas remain wet it could result in mold and eventually harm your building’s structure. R.I.G. Roofing can provide the help you need to replace water-damaged areas as needed.

Step 4: Call R.I.G. Roofing

A streak down the wall here, a dot of discoloration on the ceiling over there. No big deal, right? Well, that tiny spot will only get bigger if left unattended. The best way to save money on your roofing costs is to take quick action when you notice something is not right. Trust us, we’ve seen our fair share of small spots that eventually led to sagging ceilings, softened walls, water damage and mold growth. Concerned about your roof? Call the professionals at R.I.G. Roofing today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained and experienced professionals. We are proud to offer honest, reliable, and professional service to both commercial and residential customers.

To have all your questions answered, call the RIG Roofing office near you or inquire online to schedule a consultation with one of our roofing professionals. 

RIG Roofing is proud to offer reliable and honest roof repair and replacement services to customers throughout the United States. Our home office is in Winter Haven, Florida; with satellite offices in Lakeland & Tampa and Franchises in Windermere / West Orange County & Palm Beach, FL. 


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