What Happens To Your Roof During A Hurricane?

blog post What Happens To Your Roof During A Hurricane?

Ever wonder what occurs to your roof during a hurricane?

Hurricane season is here. Although, for people living in Florida it may feel like just another day. Although you shouldn’t live in constant fear of hurricanes, it is wise to be knowledgeable about the types of damage they can cause and how to prepare your home for them. The high winds your roof sustains during a hurricane can utterly destroy it. Yet, wind is only one of the potential ways these powerful storms can impact your Florida roof. Read on as Florida’s favorite roofing contractor; RIG Roofing explains what can happen to your roof during a hurricane and how to minimize the damage.

How A Hurricane Impacts A Roof

Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean and make their way west, hitting the Caribbean region, the Atlantic coast or the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately for us, our state is in 2 out of 3 of those areas. In fact, hurricanes and tropical storms are both potentially hazardous to your roofing system. The only difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm is the strength of their winds. Once a tropical system reaches sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour (mph) it is classified as a hurricane.

Your roof during a hurricane, faces many severe weather events, which often occur at the same time. Each of them poses a potential hazard to the structural integrity of your roof. Therefore when combined, produces potentially catastrophic results.

High winds: Hurricanes are rated in one of five categories and the largest, , has sustained winds of 157 mph or higher. That’s strong enough to rip even the most secure roof off of a building. Any hurricane that is Category 3 or above is considered severe, and has winds powerful enough to rip off shingles, tiles, and gutters. These items can be caught up in the wind and become flying projectiles, causing even more damage to your roof or the surrounding area.

Heavy rain: Strong winds and torrential rains are the two defining weather characteristics of a hurricane, and they work in tandem to devastate roofs. A single hurricane can produce several inches - or feet of rain water. As winds lift and remove roofing materials, rain permeates vulnerable areas causing leaks and weakened structural security. A weakened roof is more susceptible to overall damage. Example, if hurricane winds throw a projectile tree limb into a weakened, wet roof, there’s a greater likelihood it will create a hole. Thus compromising the structural integrity of the roof and allowing water to pour into the attic or directly into your home or business.

Hail:  Although hail is more common during a tornado, it can occur during a hurricane. Hail destroys shingles and can punch holes right through them, especially when you factor in hurricane force winds. Even small hailstones can deteriorate the outer layers of your roof structure, thus making it more vulnerable.

Lightning: Today, most buildings are grounded or have lightning rods as safeguards against the potential of a lightning strike. The odds of lightning striking your roof might be slim, but it is never off the table completely. If lightning does strike your roof, it will likely puncture it. Therefore leaving your property’s interior open to the ravaging winds and rain.

Your Roof's Best Defense Against Hurricanes In Florida

There’s no way to control what happens to your roof during a hurricane. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid a direct hit, these powerful storms produce large bands of terrifying thunderstorms which can cause equal amounts of damage to your roof. Here in Florida, we have to face the facts that hurricanes are just part of our lives. The best thing you can do is prepare and protect yourself.

Your home or business’s best defense against any type of storm damage is to keep your roof in good condition. It is best to have your roof inspected yearly, ideally before hurricane season begins. If you haven’t had an inspection in a while, contact your professional roofing contractor, RIG Roofing immediately to schedule an appointment. During an inspection, our roofing experts will examine your materials for signs of damage, while also utilizing specialized tools to identify any compromised spots in your roof.     

As lifetime residents of Florida, RIG Roofing understands stress on your roof during a hurricane and the damage that results. For maximum peace of mind, we offer annual maintenance contracts. These contracts come on one of two tiers: standard, which includes an inspection every six months; and premium, which entails inspections every three months. And if a hurricane ever does damage the roof on your home or business, we can repair the damage or perform a total roof replacement if needed. 

Prepare Your Roof For A Hurricane

Stop wondering if your roof can withstand the next big storm! We can help you prepare for when—not if—the next one impacts Florida locations like Orlando, Tampa, Plant City, Brandon, Lakeland and Winter Haven. Now is the time to protect your roof from hurricane damage. Schedule your roofing inspection today by calling

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