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Why Is My New Shingle Roof Wavy?

Why Is My New Shingle Roof Wavy?

In Short, it shouldn't be!

After investing in a new roof, the last thing you want to see is wavy shingles. It's frustrating and can be concerning, especially when you've spent a lot of money to improve your home's protection and aesthetics. But don't worry — this is a common issue that can often be resolved. In this blog, we'll delve into the reasons why your new shingles might be wavy and what you can do about it.

Topics We Will Cover:

- Common causes of wavy shingles

- The impact of weather and installation techniques

- When to call a professional roofer

Common Causes of a Shingle Roof Looking Wavy 

Moisture in the Roofing Materials Will Make Your Shingle Roof Look Wavy

One of the most common reasons shingles appear wavy is moisture. If the roofing materials, particularly the underlayment or the shingles themselves, were exposed to moisture before or during installation, they can cause waviness. Moisture trapped in shingles can create a ripple effect as it tries to evaporate and escape. This is more likely to happen if the shingles were stored improperly or installed during wet weather conditions.

Incorrect Installation Techniques Will Also Make Your New Shingle Roof Look Wavy

Installation plays a crucial role in how your shingles look and perform. If the shingles were not properly aligned or if the underlayment was not laid correctly, it could result in a wavy appearance. Deviating from these instructions, such as not providing the correct spacing or nailing patterns, can lead to aesthetic and functional issues .

Roof Deck Warping Is A Big Reason Why Your Roof May Look Wavy

The foundation of your roofing system, the roof deck, must be flat and secure. If there are any irregularities in the roof deck, such as warping, gaps, or protruding nails, these issues can transfer to the shingles, causing your roof to appear wavy. Sometimes, even slight imperfections in the roof deck can become more noticeable after the shingles are installed. Ensuring that the roof deck is in good condition before installation is key to preventing this problem. Something we always check for.

The Impact of Weather and Installation Techniques That Could Cause Your Roof to Look Wavvy.

How Weather Conditions Can Effect How Your Shingle Roof Settles

Weather can significantly impact how your shingles settle and perform. Installing shingles in extreme weather conditions, such as high humidity, rain, or very cold temperatures, can lead to problems. High humidity or rain can cause shingles to absorb moisture, while cold temperatures can make shingles more brittle and difficult to handle. It's generally recommended to install shingles in moderate weather conditions to avoid these issues.

Professional Installation Is A Must Have

Professional roofers have the experience and knowledge to install shingles correctly. They understand the importance of using proper techniques and the right materials for your specific roof type and weather conditions. A professional installation ensures that all aspects, from the roof deck to the final layer of shingles, are done correctly. This reduces the likelihood of wavy shingles and other installation-related problems.

Wavy shingles on a new roof can be concerning, but they are often fixable. Common causes include moisture in the materials, incorrect installation techniques, and issues with the roof deck. Weather conditions during installation also play a significant role. For a professional evaluation and to ensure your roof is installed correctly, contact R.I.G. Roofing for a free roof assessment. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with a beautiful, durable roof that will protect your home for years to come.

Call a Professional Roofer The Moment You've Identified the Problem

If you've noticed wavy shingles, it's important to have a professional roofer assess the situation. They can identify the root cause of the issue, whether it's moisture, improper installation, or problems with the roof deck. A professional assessment will give you peace of mind and a clear path to resolving the problem.

Always Free Roof Assessments by R.I.G. Roofing

At R.I.G. Roofing, we offer a free roof assessment to help homeowners identify and address roofing issues. Our experienced team will thoroughly inspect your roof, pinpoint the cause of the waviness, and recommend the best course of action. Whether you need repairs or a complete reinstallation, we’re here to help ensure your roof is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

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