Susan Gutentag - Testimonial

I called James Curtis with RIG Construction & Roofing right after the latest big storm Debbie. Debbie had done massive damage in the Winter Haven area and James was as busy as a paper hanger in a wind storm. However, he made time to come to my house the very next day and scoped things out. My damage was recurring damage from the original roofer around a skylight. Certainly not an emergency, especially compared to what he was dealing with. He came back with a crew found the problem fixed it, cleaned out the tubed skylight and that room has never been so bright and dry. While he was there on the first visit we asked him to check out another leak, again recurring. That problem was fixed while I wasn't even home. He brought me pictures of the damage and the repairs. How Awesome! My husband and I were amazed not only of the quality of the work but the integrity of the man. I had [repeatedly] called the original roofer and never so much a call back. How we wish we had known James before we had our roof done. Now that we do we will always call and recommend James and his company RIG Construction & Roofing. Thank you again James for [your] excellence. If anyone should want a verbal recommendation please call me [ ] Susan Gutentag, Graphic Systems Installers.