What To Expect As Your Roof Ages

blog post What To Expect As Your Roof Ages

What Should Homeowners Expect As Their Roof Ages.

Just like your car, appliances or even your body, your roof undergoes a natural aging process. In fact, your roof ages as soon as it is installed and begins to endure all of the heat, humidity and severe weather that Florida has to offer.

As time goes on your roof will experience both cosmetic and structural changes. Since it’s constantly exposed to the elements and harsh UV rays, your roof may show signs of age more quickly than other portions of your house. Even if your roof is fairly new, you may notice imperfections if you examine it up close. Of course, you won’t notice these flaws while standing in your yard. Unless the problem is quite severe, there’s no need to worry; your shingles are still working as intended.

What should you expect from your roof as it ages? And when should you take action to repair or replace an aging roof? Read on to find out.

What Ages Your Roof?

Your roof is the first line of defense between your home and the elements. Therefore, a roof must contend with a rather intense environment, which includes the following factors:

Temperature Changes Can Age Your Roof --

Your roof can reach temperatures of 50-75˚F higher than the outside temperature. That alone puts stress on the shingles. Here in Florida, it gets hot and stays that way for most of the year. Consequently, your roof pays the price as it must contend with intense heat for months.

Thermal shock Can Age Your Roof --

Roofs are also susceptible to thermal shock. In the early afternoon, the heat can be extreme. But as we know all too well, Florida is subject to late afternoon thunderstorms that can quickly lower temperatures. While most of us welcome a break from the intense heat, this marked change in temperature isn’t good for your roof. During a rainstorm, your roof’s temperature drops by as much as 60˚F! This sudden change causes roofs to expand and contract. When this happens multiple times over the years, it will cause shingle fatigue.

Sun Rays & UV Will Age Your Roof --

Along with heat and temperature changes, unrelenting UV rays degrade the asphalt in the shingles. As your roof ages the asphalt will oxidize or harden and lose some of its waterproofing capabilities.

Improper ventilation --

poorly ventilated attic can harm your roof. Lack of ventilation inhibits air flow, which increases moisture content inside the attic. This causes deck movement underneath the shingles and leads to deterioration.

Other factors that age your roof --

Wind, pollution, tree limbs, hail and even critters running across your roof … all can make your shingles age faster. As you can see, your roof is constantly exposed to a hostile environment that impacts its longevity.

What happens to shingles as they age?

As the environment depletes the asphalt in shingles, they lose flexibility and start showing the following signs of wear.

  • Curling Shingles. The top and bottom asphalt layers shrink as the material hardens, but the interior shingle reinforcement counteracts shrinking. This causes shingles to curl on the edges over time.
  • Surface cracking on Shingles. Surface cracks occur as shingles become brittle due to asphalt loss and hardening. Thermal shock and movement in the roof deck also will cause cracking.
  • Blistering Shingles. Small bubbles or raised areas often occur on shingles when there’s not adequate ventilation in the attic. Blisters can be relatively small or up to the size of a quarter. They may be open with the asphalt exposed or closed.
  • Stained Shingles. As your roof ages dark black or brown patches may appear. This is caused by algae growth. Some people mistake it for soot, dirt or leaf stains, but the problem occurs due to algae that eat away at the shingles.

The Shingle Life Cycle

As mentioned earlier, shingles start to age as soon as you put them on your roof. As they cure, shingles age fairly rapidly for a couple of years. Granule loss occurs, blistering may become apparent and the edges may curl. This is normal. Then, the aging process slows down. Shingles stay in the “mid-life” period for the majority of their life. Aging occurs at a much slower pace; cracking and granule loss still occur, but not as quickly as during the first few years. Finally, aging starts to rapidly increase again. During this period you’ll notice more curling, blisters, and cracks as well as possible algae growth. This is when most people consider replacing their roof.

Florida Roof Replacement

RIG Roofing can assess your roof and help you understand where it is in its life cycle. We’ll find ways to help you get the most life of your roof before it needs to be replaced via rejuvenation and repair efforts. When it’s time, you can trust our team of experts to take care of installing a new roof on your family’s home. To schedule a free roof assessment 1 (863) 455-4029  or message us today.

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